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[EFM] 100 Mbps Proposals


Those of you who are also on the 802.3 reflector saw that there is call for 
interest on the agenda of the March meeting in St Louis to discuss starting 
a 100 Mbps dual fiber SM fiber project outside of 802.3ah task force.

While I have not yet decided where I stand on 100 Mbps solutions for EFM, I 
wanted to communicate that I think this call for interest is premature, I 
would strongly encourage the proponents of 100 Mbps on SM fiber to converge 
on one strong proposal for the March IEEE 802.3ah meeting.

We are already facing the challenge of perhaps too many EFM PHYs.  To 
specify an additional PHY for EFM outside of the 802.3ah TF only makes life 
more difficult.