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Re: [EFM] 100 Mbps Proposals


I am concerned about putting effort into developing a standard for 
technology that already exists for a market that is current, not greatly in 
the future.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 07:48 PM 2/13/2002 -0800, Bruce Tolley wrote:

>Those of you who are also on the 802.3 reflector saw that there is call 
>for interest on the agenda of the March meeting in St Louis to discuss 
>starting a 100 Mbps dual fiber SM fiber project outside of 802.3ah task force.
>While I have not yet decided where I stand on 100 Mbps solutions for EFM, 
>I wanted to communicate that I think this call for interest is premature, 
>I would strongly encourage the proponents of 100 Mbps on SM fiber to 
>converge on one strong proposal for the March IEEE 802.3ah meeting.
>We are already facing the challenge of perhaps too many EFM PHYs.  To 
>specify an additional PHY for EFM outside of the 802.3ah TF only makes 
>life more difficult.