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Re: [EFM] 100 Mbps Proposals

This may be a first, but I don't understand your comment.  I know that you are
interested in examining a 100M option for EFM and you reinforce that position
in your message.  But then you state that there are already too many EFM PHY
Although I have not discussed the topic with Ericsson, I can see their proposal
as applicable to other networks with a distinct identity separate from those
used for "subscriber access," in which case they may not be proposing a new EFM
PHY.  I for one would like to hear their proposal.
If this CFI is "premature", then when is it timely?  As far as I am concerned
this still seems to be the best way for the 802.3 community to judge the level
of support for the potential of moving forward on a new task and March is the
next opportunity.
What am I missing here?
Cheers, Richard Brand

Bruce Tolley wrote:

> Colleagues:
> Those of you who are also on the 802.3 reflector saw that there is call for
> interest on the agenda of the March meeting in St Louis to discuss starting
> a 100 Mbps dual fiber SM fiber project outside of 802.3ah task force.
> While I have not yet decided where I stand on 100 Mbps solutions for EFM, I
> wanted to communicate that I think this call for interest is premature, I
> would strongly encourage the proponents of 100 Mbps on SM fiber to converge
> on one strong proposal for the March IEEE 802.3ah meeting.
> We are already facing the challenge of perhaps too many EFM PHYs.  To
> specify an additional PHY for EFM outside of the 802.3ah TF only makes life
> more difficult.
> Bruce