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Re: [EFM] Performance monitoring, installation, trouble shooting .

I'll repeat the current status of loopback within OAM.  
- A ping connectivity test is a requirement.  
- A loopback mode is a requirement. 
- Controlling the state of the loopback mode at the other end of a link
is a requirement.

There is also a group of people that believe that the functionality of
loopback can be achieved without a loopback mode, but enhancing the MIBS
and the PHY functionality.  They are actively investigating the
possibility.  When and if they think they can show equivalent
functionality, the results will be presented to the reflector.  At that
point everyone can judge whether the alternate method provides
equivalent function.  

Loopback itself is a function.  The function is used to fulfill certain
operational requirements.  If those requirements can be met with other
methods, and this point can be provent to the group as whole (including
Kent), then the other methods deserve consideration.  I don't think this
is in any way conflicts with Kent's statement (though I'm sure he'll
correct me if I'm wrong).  

Loopback will remain a requirement until someone can prove to the OAM
group that there is a better way.  

- Matt

Roy Bynum wrote:
> Kent,
> I have found that if you do not use strong enough language, the vendors
> that may not have what you require, will attempt to "interpret" your words
> so that they can mean something totally different than what you
> intended.  If I am correct, you may want to resend your comment and use the
> words "our operations requires that ability".  If you check with your
> equipment "certification" people for edge access infrastructure, you may
> find that loop back functionality at the physical layer is a hard
> requirement, just like it is on T1/T3 infrastructure today.  I know that it
> was a requirement the large service provider that I was previously with.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
> At 04:18 PM 2/15/2002 -0800, kmccammon@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Bob,
> >Loopback functionality is important for SBC, our operations need that
> >ability.
> >-Kent
> >
> >Kent G. McCammon
> >Broadband Access Group
> >SBC Technology Resources, Inc
> >4698 Willow Road
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> >925-598-1246
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