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Re: [EFM] Cable plant question

Hello all,

I think you may use APC for connector of ONU/OLT or patch panels easily.
However, I cannot image the whole OSP with APC and fusion splice only.
To optimize the OSP cost and flexibility, we use MT connector
(because we use ribbon fibers) and fusion splice for connecting both cable ends,
Mechanical splice and Fusion splice for dropping a fiber from distribution cable,
and MT connector for branching cables.
All these splice points are in the small closures on the pole or underground
where you cannot install any panel and GREEN patch codes.
If you request us to use APC for connector, we have to re-install all OSP 
from zero.

Yukihiro Fujimoto
  NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.

At 23:38 02/02/24 -0800, you wrote:

>This is a question aimed at service providers and those who believe
>they understand the implementation practices of service providers.
>Based on a couple of recent email threads on the P2P reflector, I
>think it would be due diligence if I expose this topic on the main
>EFM reflector. Let's keep it at a top level here. Also, the question
>relates to P2P links only, not P2MP links.
>Suppose the Optical PMD group came to you and asked: We are
>examining the merits and demerits of a particular type of PMD. It
>requires that the cable plant return loss be high, say, more than 21
>dB. It means the fiber at both ends of the link will be have to be
>terminated with APC connectors. In addition, you will have to
>guarantee that ALL fiber joints, end to end, in your EFM cable plant
>will have to be either splices or APC-to-APC connector joints. This
>goes for any patch panels (fiber distribution boxes) you may have,
>either at the CO end, or at the subscriber end. If they have been in
>place before you deploy EFM links, you will have to search and
>replace all PC/UPC connectors with APC.
>Without entering the PMD debate (which is best done on the P2P
>reflector), please tell me: do you find such a cable plant
>proposition undesirable or acceptable? Very expensive or marginally
>more expensive?
>I recognize that the final decision on a PMD would depend on many
>other factors, like the cost comparison of PMD options and its
>system level implications. With all those caveats in place, I am
>asking your opinion exclusively on the cable plant question.
>Thank you in advance.