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RE: [EFM] Due Date for Presentations

Dear John and Carlos,

Your recent messages are prompting me to send this combined reply
because it's possible that many are asking the same questions, and many
of them may be first time attendees. Please note that I am taking the
risk of a voluntary reply. There is nothing "official" about my reply,
just a personal opinion.

Our fearless leader is busy. I am sure things will be back on track well
in time before our March 11 meeting. Until then, let's use our good
judgment and go on. If you wish to make a presentation, please prepare
it (in PDF form) and send it to Howard, with a copy to the respective
track chair. Send it as soon as it's ready, but no later than Wednesday
evening. Since Monday deadline isn't officially announced, I am sure
Howard will accept presentations till Wed evening.

Carlos, about whether your presentation is appropriate or not, we have
to wait till Howard decides - apparently your topic is of general
interest, so a track chair cannot decide. But in the absence of a reply
from Howard, use your judgment, and if you think it's an appropriate
presentation, prepare it and send it by Wednesday evening. I am sure
Howard will make every effort to accommodate it.

In general, since selection of baseline proposals - a somewhat
unpredictable process - is the top priority in this meeting, we all
should come prepared for some flexibility in agenda.



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> Howard,
> Is today the due date for presentations? I cannot find a
> reference to this in my email archive.
> Thanks,
> John