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Re: [EFM] Re: [802.3ae] query -LayerMgmtReceiveCounters

>  From what you are saying then is that bit errors in certain locations may 
> not be recognized as bit errors.  This would mean that if the performance 
> monitoring function is at the frame error level, it may not be 100% 
> accurate.  Is that correct?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is: Who cares? The important thing is that a corrupted frame
is not passed to an application and the probability of an undetected error is
not affected. Furthermore, although the count may not be "100% accurate", it
is pretty close to that. Keep in mind, for this error to be missed by the CRC
counter, it has to occur in the first six bytes of a frame AND not violate
the coding rules in the physical layer. I will leave it to you figure out the
probability for such an event, but I would assert that it is pretty low...