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RE: [EFM] Finally There

After reading Fujimodo-San's recap on the benefits of Preamble OAM, I am
left at a loss understanding why this should be an "either or"
situation.  In my view there are benefits that Frame OAM can benefit
that Preamble OAM cannot easily support with existing equipments, namely
the relay of management information across an open access point of
interconnection that is strictly Ethernet compliant.

The frame-based OAM would allow in addition to relay OAM information
generated by Ethernet appliances at the customer premises across the EFM
access network and across the Open Access POI, to various service

For this reasons, I think that frame-based OAM should be mandatory and
that preamble OAM should be an option and that preamble OAM should not
preclude (i.e. will anyway never be able to prevent), frame-based OAM.


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> Dear all,
> Howard has provided you all presentation materials last week 
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> properly. So I'll attach my presentation file so that you can see.
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> >Too late to be of much use to most of you, I have
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