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Re: [EFM] Finally There

[Date: 03/12/2002  From Seto]


Good point.  I could agree with you if Preamble OAM did not 
require amendments to existing 1000BASE-X PCS implementation.  
If we adopt preamble OAM, all the existing 1000BASE-X MAC/PCS 
(usually they are one) will be incompatible with IEEE802.3.  
(See p.20 on suzuki_2_0302.pdf.)


>After reading Fujimodo-San's recap on the benefits of Preamble OAM, I am
>left at a loss understanding why this should be an "either or"
>situation.  In my view there are benefits that Frame OAM can benefit
>that Preamble OAM cannot easily support with existing equipments, namely
>the relay of management information across an open access point of
>interconnection that is strictly Ethernet compliant.
>The frame-based OAM would allow in addition to relay OAM information
>generated by Ethernet appliances at the customer premises across the EFM
>access network and across the Open Access POI, to various service
>For this reasons, I think that frame-based OAM should be mandatory and
>that preamble OAM should be an option and that preamble OAM should not
>preclude (i.e. will anyway never be able to prevent), frame-based OAM.
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>> Dear all,
>> Howard has provided you all presentation materials last week 
>> end, however, my presentation Fujimoto_1_0302 is not linked 
>> properly. So I'll attach my presentation file so that you can see.
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>> At 14:35 02/03/08 -0800, Howard Frazier wrote:
>> >Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,
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>> >Too late to be of much use to most of you, I have
>> >placed the presentations for next week's meeting on
>> >the web at the following URL:
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