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[EFM] P2MP Conference Call Minutes

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Minutes from P2MP Conference Call
Tuesday, April 2, 2002, 9AM EST
Strategy for interim work was discussed:
(1) P2MP conference calls will work on the following eight presentations:
    General Description  (Lead: Vincent Bemmel)
    Message Format (Lead: tbd Ryan Hirth)
    Timing Model (Lead: Onn Haran)
    Auto Discovery (Lead: Bob Gaglianello)
    Architecture and Layering Model (Dolors Sala)
    P2PE and Compliance (Hiroshi and Dolors)
    Standards Draft Plan and Outline (Ariel Maislos)
    Terms and Definitions (tbd)
(2)  The goal is to finish complete proposals with issues resolved.  Ariel will be working on the standards draft plan and outline.  Anyone interested in the above topics is encouraged to get involved as a co-lead or participant in the discussions.
(3)  The already-voted P2MP baseline proposals will be used as a base, with the following changes:
(a) Issues List: a detailed open issues list will be appended to each presentation.  This list will be prioritized and maintained.
(b) Changes and additions to baselines will be done in REDLINE format (changes and additions in red).
Conference discussions will take place around the Issues List and Redline changes. Updated presentations will be posted to the P2MP reflector by Monday, for discussion on Tuesday.  Calls will start with the P2PE/Compliance proposal, our most sticky discussion.
(4) P2MP will have weekly calls as follows:
     Tuesday April 9, 4PM EST
     Tuesday April 16, 11PM EST
     (Monday April 22, EFMA meeting)
     Tuesday April 23, 9AM EST 
     Tuesday April 30, 4PM EST
     Tuesday May 7, 11PM EST 
     Monday May 13, 9AM EST <-- presentation due date, last conference call
     May 20-22, 802.3ah Interim Meeting, Scotland.  
Gerry Pesavento