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RE: [EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal


I have a few questions:
*	OAM in VOC/eoc is not explained in the document.  Is there a
proposal that should be referenced?
*	Do these OAM protocols assume no repeaters?  Is the OAM scheme
designed to work in half-duplex?
*	Is there a specific OAM scheme that should be used for end-to-end
(versus link-by-link) OAM messaging?  Carrier class equipment has section,
line and path, do we have something similar?
*	IEEE Std. 802.3z currently permits GbE fiber links to generate
either 7 or 8 bytes of preamble.  How does the OAM in preamble compensate
for this?


Brad Booth
Intel Platform Networking Group - Austin
bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx>  

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		From:	Kevin Daines
		Sent:	Friday, April 19, 2002 4:01 PM
		Subject:	[EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal 

		 << File: OAMtransport_041902.pdf >> All,

		A number of individuals have worked since the St. Louis
Meeting in March on a compromise OAM Transport proposal. We are posting the
proposal for review/comment from the larger 802.3ah Task Force.

		Kevin Daines