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RE: [EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal


All good questions. Responses in-line below:

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From: Booth, Bradley [mailto:bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 2:58 PM
Subject: RE: [EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal 


I have a few questions:

*	OAM in VOC/eoc is not explained in the document.  Is there a
proposal that should be referenced?

KQD> To date, I am not aware of a proposal that has been made to 802.3ah. VOC/eoc refers to the operations channel embedded in VDSL today. I believe there is an ITU-T specification which could (should) be referenced. At this point, we're floating the idea of OAM in Frames as mandatory for Copper making it similar to its optical brethren.

*	Do these OAM protocols assume no repeaters?  Is the OAM scheme
designed to work in half-duplex?

KQD> The proposal precludes the use of OAM on half-duplex links. This should probably be clarified in the presentation. Slide 20 of the following presentation subtly mentioned "full duplex", in red, in the upper left hand corner.

This should be called out in the proposal.

*	Is there a specific OAM scheme that should be used for end-to-end
(versus link-by-link) OAM messaging?  Carrier class equipment has section,
line and path, do we have something similar?

KQD> The EFM OAM Sub-Task Force has as a non-requirement the following:

"Anything outside of a single link (station management, monitoring of CPE-sided links, etc) is not part of EFM OAM".

Reference the following presentation for more information on requirements and non-requirements discussed within the OAM STF: 

*	IEEE Std. 802.3z currently permits GbE fiber links to generate
either 7 or 8 bytes of preamble.  How does the OAM in preamble compensate
for this?

KQD> This proposal would require a change to 1000BASE-X PCS (for implementations opting to provide OAM in Preamble functionality), in that preamble would be fixed at 8 bytes, requiring the IPG to vary between 11 and 13 bytes. The result would appear similar to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and its requirement to align the Start of Packet to Lane 0 causing IPG to vary between 8 and 15 bytes (as I recall). 


KQD> Thanks for reading and asking questions.

Brad Booth
Intel Platform Networking Group - Austin
bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxx>  

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		From:	Kevin Daines
		Sent:	Friday, April 19, 2002 4:01 PM
		Subject:	[EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal 

		 << File: OAMtransport_041902.pdf >> All,

		A number of individuals have worked since the St. Louis
Meeting in March on a compromise OAM Transport proposal. We are posting the
proposal for review/comment from the larger 802.3ah Task Force.

		Kevin Daines