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RE: [EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal


The use of OAMiF as a transport for an EOC per ITU-T standards will provide 
support intermediate optical converters even better than OAMiP can.  Please 
take a look at the ITU xDSL standards files on the EFM web site.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 04:33 PM 4/23/2002 -0700, Sergiu Rotenstein wrote:

>I am sorry I am responding so late. I assume from the exchange of e-mails up
>to this date
>that my oppinions will be in minority.
>What I do not see in this proposal is the compromise.
>The main idea of the Suzuki preamble proposal was the support for non-MAC
>optical ethernet termination units - sometimes called converters. These
>are the most inexpensive form of deploying Ethernet based FTTH or Optical
>The intention of the preamble proposal was to support the link management
>for these
>type of units. These are widely deployed worldwide, and especially in Japan.
>And also
>this type of basic optical ethernet termination makes sense as a starting
>As I see in slide 5, in order to determine the capabilities of each end unit
>a frame
>exchange needs to take place. If the CPE side is a converter, that normally
>does not
>have frame/MAC support, than there is no link management.
>I assume that this is what the customers - the service providers - had in
>This is the essence of the proposal. The rest can be agreed through enough
>work and
>intelligence. But, by eliminating the basic idea of the Suzuki preamble
>we also eliminated the basic link management capabilities of a simple non
>MAC type
>Optical Ethernet Termination... To correct this, we can add a simple
>auto-sense capability
>based on preamble information transmission that will affect the link only
>when the
>link goes from down to up.
>Too bad that this is not on the agenda...
>Sergiu Rotenstein
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> >>A number of individuals have worked since the St. Louis
> >>Meeting in March on a compromise OAM Transport proposal. We
> >>are posting the proposal for review/comment from the larger
> >>802.3ah Task Force.
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