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[EFM] RE: Adding a new Clause "OAM in 802.3"


I truly wish it was so simple, but it is not.  802.3 is not a collection of
efforts; it is a living document that grows and changes over time.  Adding
any OAM functions into 802.3 will involve opening existing 802.3 clauses,
just as 802.3ae had to open Clause 4 to add the capability of IPG extension
for WAN PHY mode, Clause 1 to add definitions, references and abbreviations,
and Clause 30 to add the MIBs.  It is very rare that an 802.3 standards
effort is able to just add new clauses.  I haven't seen that happen in the
time I've been involved with 802.3.  When they first did 802.3, they
probably had that luxury. :-)


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		Sent:	Thursday, April 25, 2002 12:12 PM
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		Subject:	Adding a new Clause "OAM in 802.3" 

		Hi Brad,

		If there is going to be added a new Clause for "OAM in
802.3" then
		why would anything break? Has this not been done so far in
		as new clauses being added? This way if one implements a
		Clause then only needs to conform to it. And this Clause may
have its 
		own MIB objects.