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Re: [EFM] RE: OAM Transport Proposal


The simple Fault and Alarm conditions that are expeditiously transported
via OAMinP should not utilize the relatively slow MDIO/MDC mechanisms.
The management entity for OAMinP is not significantly different than
that which carriers are used to for SONET OAM for handling the same
conditions. I believe that the specific management interface is out of
IEEE P802.3ah scope.

Best Regards,


"Booth, Bradley" wrote:
> Matt,
> A management frame I described is that defined in Clause 22 as a MDIO/MDC
> communication.  If the preamble is filtered by the PHY, then there has to be
> some way to pass this preamble OAM information to the management entity.  In
> 802.3, this is done via MDIO/MDC (or management frames).  A management frame
> takes over 25 us to be passed across the MDIO/MDC interface.  Unless the
> intention is to have the PHY handle all OAM in preamble without management
> entity intervention, then the response to the OAM in preamble will be
> hampered by the MDIO/MDC interface.
> Cheers,
> Brad