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Re: [EFM] [EFM-OAM] OAM Transport Proposal


The OAM sub-Task Force and its editor, Kevin Daines, has been hard at
work doing just that. I expect that the OAM sub-Task Force will have
addressed your issue in great detail via presentation at the Edinburgh

Best Regards,

"Booth, Bradley" wrote:
> Sergiu,
> I assume that an 802.3 repeater would be similar in concept to this
> converter you mention.  For that, I can understand that a MAC level OAM may
> not be sufficient to provide the link/PHY level OAM that would be required.
> As much as OAM in preamble may solve the problem, I am still concerned about
> the changes required to 802.3 to provide this capability.  I think that it
> would be great if an OAM in preamble supporter could compile a list of the
> changes required to existing clauses to add this feature.
> I just want the task force and working group to be well-informed about what
> we're signing up to do.
> Thanks,
> Brad
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