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[EFM] Re: [EFM-Copper] Deadlines for upcoming meeting


Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner.

Yes, I think it would be useful if you present such a perspective. I would ask
that you should try to make it general (in terms of a worldwide perspective),
also if you could concentrate on what we can effect as part of our EoVDSL
definitions - we don't have a mandate to change the entire world of DSL...

I will read and comment as quickly as I can (before the deadline for submission
on Monday) - I'll be working over the weekend.


Fletcher E Kittredge wrote:

> Hugh;
>         If you and Howard think it is at all useful, I would like to
> make a carrier/customer perspective presentation on the qualities of
> copper EFM that make it different than any other Ethernet standard the
> IEEE has developed, and why these differences require non-traditional
> reach and speed objectives.  My thought is that this presentation
> might take the form of a short position paper, which could be both
> presented to the copper track and circulated to a wider audience.  If
> I was going to undertake such a task, I would like you both to read
> and comment on a draft before it received any circulation.
>         If you feel that reopening this discussion would cause more
> problems than it would solve, I will respectfully drop the idea.  I do
> think I can make a good case, but it might be too late.
> regards,
> fletcher
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