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[EFM] Presentations Uploaded

Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,

The presentation materials for our upcoming meeting
in Edinburgh have been placed on our web site in
the form of PDF files at the URL:

Actually, the mother of all uploads is in progress
as I type this.  It should be finished in another
hour or so (who says residential users are happy
with asymmetric DSL! I'm not! I want a 10 Mbps
symmetric connection, and I want it NOW!). I will
be bringing CDROMs and flash memory cards to the
meeting, as usual.

If you will be attending the meeting in Edinburgh,
please take note of the "Plan for the Week" shown on 
the next to last page of my "Agenda and General 
Information" file.

We will be spending a couple of hours on Monday after
lunch to listen to 4 competing baseline proposals
for EFM Copper, and we must choose one (1) of them
as the basis for the first draft of 802.3ah.

Then, on Tuesday morning, we will once again meet 
en masse to listen to the (singular) baseline proposal 
for OAM, and consider a motion to adopt it.

By making these major decisions early in the week, we will
give the sub task forces the direction they need in order to
make further progress.  Motion Madness will be held as
usual at the close of the meeting on Wednesday afternoon
to consider all other items of business.

I am really looking forward to this meeting.  We have
a lot of interesting work to review, and a bunch of
very important decisions to make.  Edinburgh is a lovely
city, and should be an excellent venue. Our hosts from
Tality are going to hold a social reception for us on
Tuesday evening, and they are doing everything they can
to make this a successful meeting.

For those of you wondering what to pack, the UK Weather
Channel web site shows the Edinburgh 10 day forecast to
have temperature ranges from 6-16 degrees C, with showers
on Sunday and Monday, tapering off Tuesday. Note that
IEEE metric policy prohibits me from including the 
Fahrenheit equivalents in this message.

See you in Scotland!

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force