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Re: [EFM] Interesting headline


      does it mean you have a sympathy to the idea of EFM based on standard
ITU-T PHYs? This is what I concluded from your message.


Bob Barrett wrote:

> Those that remained in Edinburgh until the bitter end of the interim at
> seven PM Wednesday, would have woken to see the headline on the business
> section of The Scotsman on Thursday morning reporting:
> EFM future in doubt .....
> The EFM in this instance is the Edinburgh Fund Managers. If I was at home I
> would scan the headline and post it on my web site, not post it as a zip
> file :^). I'll bring it to the July meeting.
> However, given the deadlock in the copper track these may be prophetic
> words.
> It all comes down to rate and reach. So to cut to the chase what is required
> is a copper PHY and coding scheme that can support 10Mbit/s and a reach of
> 22k feet, and preferably a new specification, so that no major manufacturer,
> industry body or other standards body has an axe to grind.
> So I guess I am supporting Scott's call for the chip vendors to bring their
> finest forward at the July meeting.
> There are plenty of Ethernet over copper products out there today based on
> existing non-IEEE PHYs that work at sub-rates with long reach. There is
> little point in trying to shoe-horn one of these into EFM. The fighting is
> all about not letting the other camp win, because we all know that none will
> get 75% unless everybody bar one camp quits, and that will not happen. So
> can we let them go as first generation, or whatever, and get on with the
> next generation please?
> These products can already be labelled Ethernet as they have a conformant
> Ethernet port, so the marketing argument doesn't fly, and I don't buy the
> 'buy it at Frys' argument either. I have never seen a Fry's outside of
> California ;-). Seriously, the copper to your home and your service provider
> will define what type of product you can use. The nearest that we will get
> to an open market is the SP providing a list of products that will work on
> the end of their copper.
> Best regards
> Bob