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[EFM] (forward) progress in EFM copper


I have been considering the possibilities for progress on the copper baseline
following the pointers that we got from the straw polls at the end of the Edinburgh
interim. In particular I have been discussing a compromise with Dong Wei of SBC
which would combine the short reach objective and VDSL baseline (which nearly
achieved consensus) with a longer reach objective (and associated baseline) to
satisfy the needs of service providers that Dong has articulated. As a result of
this discussion we have formulated some ideas which we have also discussed with
some other copperheads and have reached what I like to call:

"The Great Copper Compromise"

In essence this can be summarized as: leave the short reach objective and VDSL
baseline unchanged; add a new objective for longer reach along with a readymade
baseline solution that meets the objective.

Based on discussions that I've had with a number of copper track (and other EFM)
members I think that this compromise could add the support for two different
applications and get above the 75% threshold required for progress. Clearly this
will only work if we can guarantee that everyone who has an interest in either
solution votes positively for both. I cannot emphasize enough that we must
aggregate all of the positive votes in Vancouver to keep the EFM effort moving.
Many people believe that the copper component is vital to the whole of EFM and that
no market will develop for the fiber (or OAM) components of EFM if there is no
copper edge.

The objective that we have been discussing is:

PHY for single pair non-loaded voice grade copper distance >= 2.7km speed >= 2Mbps
full duplex.

The intent is that this would be a separate port type to the PHY which meets the
existing objective.

Dong Wei has agreed to lead the development of a presentation which could be
adopted as a baseline meeting this objective. It is crucial that we get maximum
support for this compromise, that means that we should attempt to maximize the
number of people who review and support Dong's presentation. Please could you all
consider working with Wei and adding your name as a supporter of his presentation.
I will arrange a conference call (probably June 24th) before the submission

With thanks for your attention,