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[EFM] FEC proposal - conference call

Hi all,
In the last EFM meeting we adopted a motion:
"to add an FEC option for the 1G P2P and P2MP PHY. This option will maintain
backward compatibility with 1000BASE-X PCS. We added this FEC option because
we agreed that FEC - (1) Improves reach of a MPN limited link by 50% for
links with MPN penalty of about 2 dB, and (2) Permits operation at a SNR
lower by 2.5 dB for non-dispersion limited links."

I would like to open a discussion on the baseline proposal to combine FEC in
1G P2P and P2MP keeping backward compatibility with 1000BASE-X PCS.
A link to such a proposal is attached:
In this paper several issues are referred:
- Motivation
- Framing keeping compatibility:
- Layering
- State machines for Sync, Tx, Rx.
- Mean time to false packet acceptance.

I would also like to schedule a conference call to discuss the FEC proposal.
I suggest this time and date for the call:
Date: Monday June 17
Time: 1:00 PM EDT

I will provide the bridge number and access code later.

It is important that we shall consolidate behind a proposal and it is
required that it would be widely supported. Your participant in this process
is important.

For those of you who were not following the FEC effort from its beginning I
attach a link to the FEC presentations in EFM so far. This presentations
provide a fine tutorial on FEC capabilities and possible implementations.


Lior Khermosh