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Re: [EFM] Message-Id: <3D07195D.AA28886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


The distribution list that you sent this to is:
         - not an appropriate forum for soliciting free consulting services
         - not associated with ATM technology

         - only for discussions associated with the development of an IEEE 
standards project, P802.3ah, Ethernet in the First Mile


At 01:50 PM 6/12/02 +0400, Christina Christina wrote:

>Hi! My name is Christina. I am a programmer, and I need your help.
>I have some questions about ATM technology, and I will be grateful to you if
>you answer them.
>If you have not much time, please answer only some of them, or answer only the
>questions, that you can.
>Thank you in advance.
>a) when one or more backward reporting cells are lost, what actions are taken
>by the source? (i.e. why the MCSN field is used in Backward Reporting OAM 
>b) when the destination end point receives the Performance Monitoring OAM 
>it can measure
>the QOS parameter CTD (Cell Transfr Delay) for that cell.
>What actions are taken by the destination end point after the measurement of
>the CTD
>for each of the CBR, rt-VBR or nrt-VBR connections?
>c) when the TSTP timestamp field is used in a Backward Reporting OAM cell 
>the TSTP field contains
>the measured Cell Transfer Delay inserted in the Backward Reporting cell 
>by the
>destination end point),
>what actions are taken by the source for each of the CBR, rt-VBR or nrt-VBR
>d) when the source receives a Backward Reporting OAM cell, it can measure the
>If the measured CLR is greater than the QOS parameter CLR, what actions are
>taken by the source
>for each of the CBR, rt-VBR or nrt-VBR connections?
>e) in which cases the PCR, SCR are decreased by the source for each of the 
>rt-VBR or nrt-VBR connections
>Please answer me.