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[EFM] Meeting Reminder

See the message below forwarded from Dr. Rigsbee.  
Book now, or be sorry. Don't forget that 802.3ah will hold
a meeting on Sunday, 7/7 from 1-6 pm in the Fairmont Hotel
Vancouver.  The topics to be covered at this "interim" meeting are:

1) P2MP Layering and Security motions tabled in Edinburgh
2) FEC baseline proposal review
3) Copper - objectives and the plan for the week

We will also cheat just a little bit and get our normal "802.3ah opening
ceremonies" out of the way on Sunday, even though this will occur
before the official start of the 802 Plenary week meeting.  I hope that no
one objects to this time saving deviation from normal procedure.
I want to make all of Tuesday and Wednesday available for sub-task
force breakout sessions.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force

ATTENTION:  All IEEE 802 Attendees
IEEE 802: Meeting Information Update Memo - 6th Announcement

Good News !!!  We have arranged for some additional rooms at 
the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel for IEEE 802 attendees.  This is 
definitely your best choice for attending all 802 WGs because 
it is just across the street from the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.  
If you are booked somewhere else, you should definitely consider 
switching your reservations, but do it NOW or you will miss out !!!  

Reminder:  the deadline to Pre-Register @$250 and Save $50 is 
THIS FRIDAY, June 21 at 6pm PDT so don't be late.  After the 
deadline the price goes to $300.00 (no exceptions).  

Go To: 

See previous message below for details on the Fairmont Hotel.  

-----Original Message-----
From: Rigsbee, Everett O 
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 6:13 PM
To: 802 ALL (E-mail)
Subject: Hyatt Regency VCR is Sold Out - Book at Fairmont VCR ASAP !

IEEE 802: Meeting Information Update Memo - 5th  Announcement

DATE:   Thursday, June 6, 2002
ATTN:   All IEEE 802 Attendees
SUBJ:   Hyatt Regency is: NOW SOLD OUT !!!

The Hyatt is now Sold-Out and we recommend the Fairmont as the best
choice for an alternate because it is just across the street, so book your
reservation NOW or you may wind up stuck at a HoJo 20 miles away.  July is
HIGH SEASON so once these rooms are gone, it may be very difficult to find
anything else.  You can always cancel/modify without penalty if your plans
should change.

a) The Hyatt Regency Vancouver is the site for the July 2002 IEEE 802
Plenary Meeting as well as Working Groups 802.1, 802.11, 802.15, 802.16,
802.17, and 802.18.  The IEEE 802 Opening Plenary begins Monday, July 8th
at 11:00am and the 802 Working Group Meetings begin at 1:00pm.  Please
note:  Some 802 Working Groups now have scheduled meetings for Friday
morning, July 12th.  Please visit the home web site for your Working Group
for the detailed WG agenda.  The closing Executive Committee meeting is
currently scheduled to be held from 1pm to 6pm on Friday, July 12th. This
meeting will again be a Split-Meeting due to our continued high attendance.
All 802.3 WG meetings will be held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, so if
you are planning to attend 802.3 all week and are currently booked at the
Hyatt, you should seriously consider switching your hotel reservation.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver
655 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6C 2R7

Reservation Phone: (604) 683-1234   Toll Free: (800) 233-1234
Reservation Fax: (604) 689-3707

We have arranged for a room block at the Fairmont Hotel with a discounted
IEEE 802 Group (code: GREEE1) room rate: $250.00 (Canadian) for single
occupancy, or $260.00 (Canadian) for double/twin occupancy + tax per night.
Please make your room reservations directly with the hotel using the IEEE
802 Hotel Reservation Form (page 5 of the Meeting Info PDF), the web, or
by phone.  Cancellations made prior to 6 pm of arrival date will incur
no penalty.  If you do need to cancel, make sure you get a cancellation
confirmation number.  The Fairmont is located just across the street
from the Hyatt, so walking back and forth is easy.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6C 2W6

Reservation Phone: (604) 684-3131   Toll Free: (800) 441-1414
Reservation Fax: (604) 662-1907

or you may make Web Reservations at:,3

c) Reservations cut-off date has passed, however you can still make room
reservations using the IEEE 802 group code at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.
Please make hotel reservations ASAP !!!  When both hotels are sold-out
please ask to be put on the 802-Wait-List and you will be called when a
room becomes available.

d) Please note that our secure Web Registration Form is now available at:  so please do register NOW!

e) Should you require further information or Hotel reservation forms please
check the updated Meeting Announcement on the IEEE 802 website at:

f) Information for visitors to Canada:

Please contact us at  802info@xxxxxxxx  or  (408) 241-8906  if you require
further info or assistance.  We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

Thank you,
Dawn C. Slykhouse, IEEE 802 Conference Organizer
c/o Face To Face Events, Inc.

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