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[EFM] Re: [EFM-Copper] Reminder of deadlines for Vancouver meeting


The second deadline (presentation submissions) is approaching rapidly.

Please be sure to send your presentation to me by midnight on Friday (also copying
Howard). A few notes:

1. Presentations not submitted on time - or substantially different from the version
submitted - will be excluded from the agenda. You will have to resubmit for the next

2. Presentations missed due to lack of time at previous meetings will be given time
on the agenda but you must resend the file - I expect that you will make minor
changes to update these (e.g. date references, supporters etc.).

3. As I warned earlier, I do not expect large amounts of overlap or repetition. If
there are multiple presentations covering the same material I will push them to the
back of the agenda.

4. Try to optimize the presentations for download size. In particular clever
corporate backgrounds, logos and icons add to the file size without improving the

See you all in Vancouver.


Hugh Barrass wrote:

> All (especially the copperheads),
> Please remember that the deadlines for presentations intended for the Vancouver
> meeting are as follows:
> June 14th - Notification to track chair that you wish to make a presentation.
> This must include the subject and approximate length. We will try as hard as
> possible to coordinate presentations which cover the same subject to minimize
> overlap and maximize consensus.
> I will place early versions of presentations on the EFM web if requested - this
> should help to build consensus and eliminate surprises.
> June 28th - submission of final presentation version.
> A special note to those who have copper presentations which didn't get covered
> in previous meetings: I will expect that you wish to present in Vancouver, but I
> would still like notification in advance and you would be well advised to
> resubmit so that you can update any changes (the file name, if nothing else).
> You could also consider getting extra reviews and support to make things
> progress more smoothly.
> See you in Vancouver,
> Hugh.