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RE: [EFM] (forward) progress in EFM copper

The next person who posts a flame, or an imflamatory
remark, to either of these reflectors is going to have their
email addresses removed, and their posting privileges
revoked, in accordance with the policy described at:

You are all expected to keep your communications
"respectful, dignified, and germane to the work of the Task Force."
The last 5 postings to these reflectors don't even
come close. I have removed these messages from the archive,
so you all get a chance to forget them, and I hope that you
will do so.  The senders get a chance to take a breath,
collect themselves, and try again, in accordance with the
policy referenced above.

We have some very serious decisions to make, and this
will require each of us to exercise our very best
deliberative skills.  Let's start now.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force