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FW: [EFM] EFM FEC Proposals

Larry and all:
   I have attached a slide which compares the two proposals.
I am hoping that this will generate more discussions and help
us make progress.

Please take a look at
for the calculations on efficiency.

Best Regards,
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> Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 6:31 PM
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> Subject: [EFM] EFM FEC Proposals
> Fellow EFM Task Force Members,
> At the last EFM meeting in Edinburgh we passed the following FEC motion:
> 17. Motion to add an FEC option for the 1Gig P2P and P2MP PHY,
> maintaining backward compatibility with the 1000BASE-X PCS, for the
> following reasons:
>     1. Improves reach of a MPN limited link by 50% for links with MPN
> penalty of about 2dB
>     2. Permits operation at a SNR lower by 2.5 dB for non-dispersion
> limited links.
> Two different FEC implementation proposals will be presented in
> Vancouver and they are posted under the General Session material on the
> EFM web site.  One proposal is frame based and the other is stream
> based.  If you are at all interested in FEC for EFM, I encourage you to
> please take a look at these two proposals and get your comments and
> questions back onto the reflector before the meeting.  This will give
> the presenters and their supporters time to formulate a proper response
> and will conserve our precious meeting time in Vancouver.
> Regards,
> Larry

Comparison of FEC proposals.pdf