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[EFM] Copper: Long Reach Simulation Results

Doug and Daun,

I found your presentation comparing ADL and SHDSL extremely interesting (artman_copper_1_0207). Since it was the first time that results were ever presented for ADL, I tried to confirm them by running my own simulations. I picked the set of interferers presented at the Raleigh meeting and used in
T1E1 and ITU for SHDSL. I think our results follow the same trends although there are a few places where we differ. We would need to get together to compare our simulations. I included the results for enhanced SHDSL for the sake of completeness.
To make the comparison meaningful, I have plotted the symmetric capability of both systems, meaning the minimum of the upstream and downstream rates. The extensive upstream and downstream results for each interferer combination are also included. I apologize for the late submission but, as you know,
the simulations are extensive and I could not complete them before today. 

Have a good week-end. 

Best regards,