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[802.3] Live Internet broadcast of IEEE plenary

Dear 802 folks


for this email u must be open minded , bare with me

here at the hayat, vancuver a place where clinton meet with yeltzin (very expensive I may say )

we tend to forget what happens as we speak to our friends  , ieee members and engineers around the globe , for instance in Israel  900 engineers  lost their job this week and for a 6M state itís a lot.


We must help them with their toughest movements , they need a new thing to learn

And to find use for their new available time .


We can help them learn new things and get to know 802 better , itís a wonderful opportunity

 To get more interest in 802 standards and itís industry ..


Ieee802 might benefits from  getting new and talented engineers to itís board in the future


Please support my motion to broadcast the Hawai plenary , if Madonna do it why canít we ?


Best Regards ,
Alon Drory
President & CTO
LANCore Semiconductors LTD .

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