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[EFM] FEM-cu editing

Dear All,
Some of you that may have not been attending the copper sub-task force meeting this week will be shocked to learn that we have a lot made a lot of progress and a lot of editing work ahead of us.( by passing two key objectives) As a result of this we will have three clauses 61,62, and 63 to cover Common part, Short reach and Long reach objectives
We have come to some agreements to develop text for draft 1.0 of Clauses 61,62, and 63 with the following break down of the subjects and the responsible sub-clause editors
Clause 61: Common Part
MAC-PHY rate matching    Arthur Marris/Tality
Loop Aggregation               Marcus Tzannes/Aware
G. Handshake                    Barry O'Mahony/Intel
OA&M                               Scott Simon/Cisco
Integration                          Barry O' Mahony/Intel
Clause 62: Short Reach
PMA Sublayer/DMT section  Tariq Haddad/Zarlink
PMA Sublayer/QAM section  Steven Hass/Infineon
PMD Sublayer/DMT section   Meachel Beck/Alcatel
PMD Sublayer/QAM Section  Vladimir Oksman/Broadcom
Clause 63  Long Reach
PMA+PMD:    ADSL based      Doug Artman/Ti
PMA+PMD     SHDSL based    Marc Kimpe/Adtran
There is going to be a lot hard work to pull together a massive amount work done by other bodies and then translate them ieee language. Thanks in advance to all sub-clause editors
editor of copper