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[EFM] Draft D1 of P802.3ah

Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,

As previously stated, draft D1.0 of IEEE P802.3ah is
available for your review.  In the course of your review,
you are expected to provide comments on the document
which the task force will consider during the development of
the next draft.  We have developed a standard format
for comments, and some handy tools to make it easier to
submit them in the standard format.

Please remember the most important rule of the comment
process: You must supply a suggested remedy for each of
the deficiencies you find in the document. Please be precise
in identifying the location and the nature of each deficiency,
and be precise about the change you propose to correct it.

The comment submittal tools along with instructions for their
use can be found at:

Remember that the deadline for submitting comments on
P802.3ah D1.0 is Thursday, September 19th, 2002.

I thank you for taking the time to review P802.3ah D1.0,
and I look forward to receiving your comments on the

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force