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[EFM] ITU-T & T1E1 documents documents referenced by D1.0 available

Re-send with a proper title.  --Barry


This is a brief note to let you know that the ITU-T document web page
( has  been updated to
include the ITU-T documents referenced in the P802.3ah/D1.0 draft.  Drafts
of the T1E1 VDSL specification, also referenced in P802.3ah/D1.0, are also
listed here for convenience (although they are publically available on the
T1E1 web site).

Documents which form the basis for a specific part of the EFM-Copper clauses
are so noted on the web page.  I hope you find this information useful as
you are reviewing the draft.

(your humble ITU-T Q4/15 liaison rep.)

Barry O'Mahony
Intel Labs
Hillsboro, OR, USA
tel: +1 (503) 264-8579