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RE: [EFM] Minutes of P2MP Optics conference 22nd Aug 20002


Can the bandwidth for the "guard bands" be quantified?

The frame format for P2MP is already fixed by the PAR.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 09:43 AM 8/23/2002 -0700, Glen Kramer wrote:

>This is to address action item #2 from the minutes.
>2. Efficiency model based on guard bands and traffic type - P2MP group?
>There are 3 types of overhead (or bandwidth loss):
>1. Cycle overhead. This is overhead used by guard bands (including CDR).
>It is measured as a number of guard bands in one cycle. This number at
>least equal to the number of ONUs, but may be even larger if we grant
>per LLID and there are multiple LLIDs per ONU.
>2. Slot overhead.  This overhead arises when granted slot does not take
>into account frame delineation in a buffer. Since frames cannot be
>fragmented, a frame that doesn't fit in the remainder of a slot will be
>deferred to next slot (in next cycle), leaving current slot
>The size of unused slot remainder depends on frame size distribution.
>This distribution for today's traffic is known and there exist formula
>to calculate this unused remainder (for the case when assigned slot size
>has no correlation to the frame sizes).
>Few protocol proposals consider how to eliminate unused slot remainder
>completely, but it looks like it will require changes to the frame
>format.  P2MP group is still debating about it.
>3. Frame overhead.  That includes IFG and headers. Nothing we can do
>about it.
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> > First off I apologise for sending this mail to the
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> > are relevant for other groups.
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> > The next phone conference is planned for next Thursday
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