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Re: [EFM] Special Session in New Orleans


The 802.1 and 802.17 Working Groups will also be meeting in
New Orleans, and since the session is scheduled in the evening,
I expect that some of the members of these working groups will
be able to attend.  A copy of the meeting announcement has been
forwarded to the respective chairs. Naturally, any recommendations
produced at this session will be reviewed at the November meeting.

The facilities provided by 802.1X and 802.11i have been discussed
in past presentations, and I expect that they will be revisited at this
session, along with an analysis of 802.10 SILS.


P.S. I think I would run the risk of being fed to the sharks if
I called for 8 hours of evening meetings in Kauai. At least
there are no active volcanos on that island.

Andrew Smith wrote:

>I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend in New Orleans. It's a shame
>that this topic is coming up at an 802.3 interim meeting - I believe
>that it is more of a full-802-plenary type of issue. It would have been
>great to get some of the key 802.11i people to these sessions - there is
>a lot of commonality between 802.11i's "shared media" issues and those
>that (some) people want to see solved in EFM: it would be a shame to
>have them ignore each other's work and end up e.g. with very different
>layering models that might preclude much re-use of ideas, paper and/or
>code. Hopefully there will be some people present at your sessions who
>are familiar with the work already done by 802.1 and 802.11 in this
>[Aside: the above is a PC way of saying that I don't think you should
>let the EFM task force get distracted by this *huge* can of worms that
>has very little 802.3-specific in it].
>Andrew Smith
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>[] On Behalf Of Howard
>Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002 2:11 PM
>Subject: [EFM] Special Session in New Orleans
>Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,
>As most of you are aware, we have discussed the topics
>of security and encryption at our last two meetings,
>particularly as these topics relate to Point To MultiPoint
>(P2MP) EFM topologies.  There is a group of
>individuals who are very interested in continuing these
>discussions, and they have requested that time be
>allocated for these topics at our upcoming meeting
>in New Orleans.
>The P2MP sub task force within 802.3ah will have a
>great deal of work to do in New Orleans, and they
>must use their meeting time to review the material in
>draft D1, and address the comments that will be
>submitted.  It is also clear that the topics of security
>and encryption are of interest to individuals who normally
>spend their time in other sub task forces. Therefore, I
>have decided to schedule a special session of the task
>force, devoted to these topics, on the evenings of Tuesday,
>October 1st, and Wednesday October 2nd.  This
>message is the formal announcement of the session,
>sent in fulfillment of our 30 days notice requirement.
>The discussion will be lead by Dolors Sala, who has
>graciously (and bravely) volunteered for the job. We
>will meet from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm on each of the two
>evenings, in the Grand Ballroom at the Astor Crowne
>Plaza hotel. Dolors plans to follow the general agenda
>of discussing threats, requirements and scope on Tuesday
>night, followed by technical proposals, organization, and
>next steps on Wednesday night.
>You are welcome to attend this session. You must
>contact Dolors ( dolors@xxxxxxxxxxxx ), if
>you would like to make a presentation at the session.
>I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!
>Howard Frazier
>Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force