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[802.3] Financial Transparency On Interim Financing

Gentle People:

   Given the admonishment posted the reflector in the
last few days by our esteemed chair a question and a
potential new requirement for financial transparency
comes to mind.

   Should there be more disclosure of the financing
of Interim meetings? In cases where the host bears
the whole cost I would think not as this would be
a private matter.

   But what about cases where the membership is
requested to pay a meeting fee or pay an increased
hotel room rate for the meeting? In cases where the
membership is requested to pay all or part of the
meeting fees I would think is is appropriate to
require the full disclosure or the details of the
meeting financing!

   Such details would include:

     -Sources or revenue:
        - The amount of host subsitity if any.
        - The amount of fee increment added to the hotel
          room rate above the market rate of the room.

     -Spending structure:
       - Meeting room rental.
       - Equipment costs.
       - Catering costs if any.

   The bottom line is that if the individual members
are paying for the meeting with their fees they have
a right to know these financing details.

   What do you think?

Thomas Dineen