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Re: [EFM] Video distribution

I guess it's critical for us to understand the which types of video
services the service providers intend to provide.  If they are similar
to cable TV including true VOD, that implies one set of transmission
requirements which tend to be bandwidth-intensive but
latency-insensitive.  High-quality videoconferecing is less
bandwidth-intensive but more sensitive to latency.  Kent, can you

--- "Brand, Richard [SC2:470:EXCH]" <rbrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> David:
> I agree with you re: the one way video services that you describe
> where the
> audio is really "sound".  But as Roy describes there will also be
> user
> requirement for both business and "premium subscriber" residential,
> for
> full duplex compressed interactive video apps like video
> conferencing.  In
> this app latency will be critical due to the telephony nature (where
> the
> audio is embedded voice) of the app and 50 ms could be too much
> latency.
> B/w is an issue, but round trip delay becomes a critical parameter
> including the variation of that latency.  While we must stay focused
> on our
> 802.3ah objectives  we have to remain aware of the apps related
> issues of
> QoS and prioritization..
> Regards,
> Richard Brand

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