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[EFM] Re: Draft v1.0 comment #347 - OAM vs. PAUSE

Hi, All.
I'm sorry for missing the attatched file.
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Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 2:10 PM
Subject: Draft v1.0 comment #347 - OAM vs. PAUSE

Hi, Tom.
I read your comment #347 for OAM vs. PAUSE.
You recommend we should define another "SEND OAM FRAME"  block in Fig31B-1 for resolving the restrction use of PAUSE problem.
However, the transition from "TRANSMIT READY" to "SEND OAM FRAME" means the tranmission in normal state,
not PAUSE state.
The problem is OAM transmission under PAUSE state.
Because OAM uses the slow protocol in current draft, When the device receives the PAUSE frame, it cease the OAM transmission as well as data frame.
The reason is the slow protocol uses the MA_DATA primitive. Thus, we need the mechanism for distinguishing the OAM and DATA, if OAM track doesn't change.
Thus, your comment should be changed : The attatched file is my diagram.
In that diagram, there is not additional "SEND OAM FRAME" block. Because, my assumption is, if MAC receive any data primitive from MAC client, it's OAM.
It represents that OAM frame could be transmitted under PAUSE state.
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OAM vs PAUSE.ppt