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[EFM] FEC Conference Call Announcement

Fellow EFM TF members:

As you may or may not know, last week at the New Orleans meeting the EFM
Task Force passed a motion to limit consideration of FEC to only the
frame based proposal (copy of motion attached). This is good progress
but there is still a lot of FEC work to do.  Specifically, two high
priority  FEC issues remaining are related to the performance of the
link prior to FEC decoding. The TF feels that the best way to resolve
these issues is through lab testing.  The specific issues are:

1. The effect of the low BER (10E-4) on the PMD and PMA (CDR lock time,
CDR stability, etc.).

2. Distance vs MPN penalty at low BER (10E-4).  Our MPN analysis is
mainly based on the work done by Dr. Govind Agrawal (his book and paper)
and such low BERs were not specifically considered in his analysis.
There is some concern
as to whether or not the analysis holds up at the low BERs.

In order to keep focused on these and other FEC issues, weekly FEC
conference calls have been set up.  The next call specifics are:

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Time: 1:00 p.m. (Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour
Chair: Larry Rennie, National Semiconductor
Dial in: 1-800-331-8016 (toll free), 1-816-650-0666 (direct)
Participant code: 744004

Proposed Agenda/Discussion:

1. Testing (High priority).

a) Low BER (10E-4) effects.  Status of lab testing plans to resolve any
PMA and PMD issues resulting from the low BER on the link (CDR lock
time, CDR stability, etc.).  Who, where, when, how. Volunteers.

b) MPN vs Distance. Status of lab testing plans to measure MPN penalty
vs distance at 10E-4 BER. Needed to confirm the theory used to date to
calculate this relationship. Who, where, when, how. Volunteers.

2. Frame FEC baseline.  Status.  Additional work needed on FEC algorithm
and the effects of FEC on other functions (such as MPCP, OMA, etc.).

3. Other EFM FEC concerns/issues?