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Re: [EFM] FW: IEEE Reservation Revised


No need to apologize.  I got the same story from the Sheraton
this morning, and they later called back to confirm my reservation.


If at first you don't succeed at the Sheraton, please try again.
The Sheraton has been alerted to the fact that some people (mostly
dot16 folks) will be moving over to the Hyatt, while some people
(dot3 and dot1 folks) will be moving in.

Should you have any problems making reservations at the
Sheraton Resort Kauai, please contact the meeting planners at
802info@xxxxxxxx, or call (408) 241-8906.


Seto, Koichiro wrote:

>[Date: 10/08/2002  Forwarded by Seto]
>Howard and all,
>I should have waited for this e-mail before sending my previous mail.  
>I'm sorry for the confusion.  It seems that everything is taken care of.  
>------- Forwarded Message
>From: "SKRReservations, 00379" <00379.SKRReservations@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: "'seto.koichiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'"<seto.koichiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: IEEE Reservation Revised
>Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 14:28:20 -0400 
>Aloha Mr. Seto,
>   We have just opened up some rooms for the IEEE conference.  I have gone
>ahead and made your reservation and you should be receiving a faxed confirmation.  
>Again, if you need additional assistance
>please feel free to contact us.
>Sheraton Kauai Resort
>------- End of Forwarded Message