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[EFM] Telephone Conference for PON Optics 17th/Oct 17:00 Central European - TLC for Clause 58

Hello All,

I have a bridge booked with the following details.

17:00 Middle European time
8:00 Pacific Time

+ 49 - ( 0 ) 69 - 2711 0800

36879 #   Code

I apologise for the bridge being in Europe, I am trying to set up a call in
America, similar to the FEC arrangement.

I would like to concentrate on PON timing issues at first. If possible, I
would also like a co-ordination of comments
for the next editing round.  When comments come from ad-hoc discussions, its
much easier to
address them at the meetings.

There are many
other issues that also need consideration:

1) Burst-mode measurements procedures
2) Jitter specifications

NOTE  Clause 58 needs some Tender Loving Care (TLC).
Please do your best to participate in the calls and help things along