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RE: [EFM] IEEE P802.3ah Draft 1.1

Howard hi,

Unfortunately, no change-bars are attached to subclauses 62.1, 62.2, 62.3,
62.4 in the D1.1 revision, though changes must have been made there.   It is
impossible to detect changes that way.
(by the way, sub-clause 62.3 was modified by me and was originally
accompanied by change-bars, when sent to the editors for integration).

I think we need a version with change bars in order to follow-up the text

Zion Shohet

email:   zion.shohet@xxxxxxxxxxxx
office:   972- 9- 8924188
mobile: 972- 55- 892133

-----Original Message-----
From: Howard Frazier [mailto:millardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 7:18 AM
Subject: [EFM] IEEE P802.3ah Draft 1.1

Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our editorial team,
I am pleased to announce that Draft 1.1 of IEEE P802.3ah
is now available for your review.  

You may retrieve the document from:

This page is password protected.

the username is: 802.3ah
the password is: WayCoolR

Do Not Distribute This Document, URL, Username Or Password.

This announcement also starts a 21 day review period wherein you
are encouraged to read the draft and supply comments.  Detailed
instructions for submitting comments will be posted in a subsequent

I am very encouraged by the progress we are making. D1.1 is
the product of a great deal of effort on the part of the TF, our officers,
and our hard working editors.  Let's keep those comments coming.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force