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[EFM] Minutes from PON Optics Telephone Conference - 25th October


Vipul Bhatt
Piers Dawe
Meir Bartur
Walt Soto
Dora Van Deen (Sorry Dora, didn't catch your new name)
Maurice Ranchez
Tom Murphy 

Action Items

Vipul to finsih presentation
Tom to distribute presentation summarising input from vendors on PON timing
Frank to update presentation on power levels and timing
Tom to submit comments so that the issues of the above are raised at the
ALL - prepare for discussion on fibre loss in PON at November meeting

PON Timing

Frank discussed his presentation detailing why EFM should accept the
recently adopted FSAN values.
As a minimum he stated that the laser values should be adopted and possibly
allow slower (or unspecified) receiver times.

A comment was made that not sufficient presentations have been made from
both sides of this argument - why the fast FSAN times are really necessary
and why
the slower times are really more cost effective.  One reply was that the
FSAN community
have more than once presented how these times have and may be achieved. The
cost question is as ever difficult to compare.

Power Levels

There was discussion of changes to the current power levels which would
align with the FSAN values,
i.e. increasing Tx by 1 dB and consequently lowering the 20 km sensitivity
by 1 dB to -28 dBm and
changing the Tx power margin from 4 to 5 dB. It was generally felt that this
is an improvement as
-29 dBm is difficult to achieve (with PiN or APD) and a margin of 5 dB
allows for ageing etc.

Fibre characterisation

At the last meeting the point was raised that the initial considerations for
EFM used 
fibre attenuation values which may represent a quality of fibre that is
not present in the access space. This needs to be resolved as is effects all
power budgets 
and input from network providers/service providers needed on this front.

Next Meeting

After the editors meeting on Tuesday, it will be decided if a further PON
optics meeting will take place

All the best