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RE: [EFM] 10/29 EFM FEC Conf Call


Bad naming convention on my part.
Laser on time should be read as total guard band.
Split ratio should be read as number of polled ONUs.
I leave it to the group to decide whether the guard band should be
calculated as:
Laser On + AGC time + CDR lock time + Laser Off or
Laser On + AGC time + CDR lock time;
as a smart OLT may overlap adjacent Laser On and Laser Off times, thus
decreasing the guard band size.

I'm reattaching the spreadsheet with the fixed naming convention.


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> Vipul Bhatt
> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 8:21 AM
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> Subject: RE: [EFM] 10/29 EFM FEC Conf Call
> Ariel,
> A couple of quick clarifications, please.
> You've defined a variable called "laser on time", but you 
> mean the sum of laser off time, laser on time, AGC settling 
> time and CDR lock time - is that correct?
> Also, your spreadsheet refers to "split ratio", but your 
> analysis is valid for the general situation where it doesn't 
> have to be the physical number of splits; it can be 
> interpreted as number of guard bands (or slots or grants) - 
> is that correct?
> Perhaps these interpretations are obvious to some, but I 
> wanted to be clear because we may be discussing this topic in 
> the general session on the 14th. Thanks.
> Vipul

guard band requirements.xls