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[EFM] Motion on PMD burst-mode timing parameters

I forgot to include the results of the motion that was considered after
the straw poll. As recorded in the (as yet unpublished) minutes, the
results were:

7. Motion that for PMD burst-mode timing parameters, choose Option D, 
described in bhatt_general_1_1102.pdf (That is, don't specify timing 
parameters. Specify only the
startup values, and leave operational values to implementers)
Moved: Vipul Bhatt
Second: Glenn Kramer

Technical motion, requires >= 75% in favour to pass
Among those present:
Y:50 N:15 A:30

Among 802.3 voters:
Y:41 N:15 A:20


Note that while the motion carried >= 75% in favor among those present,
it failed to carry >= 75% among 802.3 voters. We operate under the 
that motions must carry >= 75% among both populations in order to pass.
Therefore, the issue is still open for debate, and will be a topic for 
at the upcoming interim meeting in Vancouver.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force