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RE: [EFM] PHY Kids 2: The (sub) task-force of lost dreams


At 08:25 PM 11/21/2002 -0800, Glen Kramer wrote:

> >It should be emphasized that the above mechanism is
> already in the draft
> >in clause 56 (since D1.0). Changing (removing) it would
> require a 75%
> >approval, which is highly unlikely given voting results
> from the last
> >meeting.
> Not necessarily.
> If you can't get 75% approval of it in 802.3 you don't go
> forward either
> when the draft is voted for WG ballot or during WG ballot.
> It only takes greater than 25% disapproval on any issue to
> stall the process.

Good point. I guess being new to the process I don't completely envision every next step.

So how does it work during WG ballot?
Do we vote on any single feature of the draft, or someone proposes some changes and we vote on them?

Any voter can vote on anything during the ballot. If they accompany a DISAPPROVE vote with a comment and a remedy then the "comment resolution group" (most likely the Task Force in the same structure as was used for creating the document, but not necessarily) can accept or reject the comment and the remedy. If they reject, they need to provide a rebuttal. The rejection and rebuttal (or the new text in the case of acceptance) are then recirculated to the balloting group. The balloting group can accept the position of the comment resolution group or they can "pile on" the rejected position of the commenter. By "piling on" that means they change their vote to DISAPPROVE in support of the commenter's position. If, as a result of that, the approval level drops below 75% then the ballot FAILs.

For example, what would the process to remove PMD fields from message format be?


I hope this helps.