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[EFM] Minutes from PON Optics Telephone Conference - 27th November


Lior Khermosk
Bob Deri
Mike Wirtz
Vincent Bemmel
Francois Fredricx
Haim Ben-Amram
Raanan Ivry
Morris Reintjes
Vipul Bhatt
Meir Bartur
Trement Miao
Tom Murphy
Glen Krammer

Reset required for Rx options

As already stated in a number of reflector e-mails, the feeling of the
of people on the call was that a Reset signal is not required for Rx side
(for Option A, or others).
The point was made that if Reset is required in particular designs, then the
Option A
values cannot be achieved due to timing uncertainties and this point should
be reflected in presenting
variants. An attempt was made to decouple the Reset discussions from the
'PMD' discussions and
allow the P2MP people to answer the question if it is possible and how much
effort is
required.  No decision was reached that Reset is not required.

PON Timing

The idea was floated of saying that irrespective of their exact values,
burst-mode TRx timing parameters for all 4 options
would be upper limit starting points which would be negotiated allowing
shorter implementation values. There was opposition to this
mainly as it could lead to a situation of several PMDs being demanded to
meet the same spec - single non-negotiable
value - single PMD. It should be noted that negotiation features are already
in place in the protocol, the question here
is whether to use them or not. The point was also made that this feature
makes more sense for the CDR as here
larger variations are to be expected in practical implementations.  This
issues needs to be raised again
when more definite timing parameters are on the table.  I.e. if consensus is
for looser timing values, it perhaps
makes more sense to allow negotiation to accommodate future faster

Moving forward

For now, the group will stay with discussing and refining the four options
as presented by
Vipul. Aim would of course be to reach a single option agreed upon by the
and present this in January. However, this may not happen

Next Meeting

Next Thursday 5th December.  Probably at 08:00 Pacific, Dial-in to be

All the best