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[EFM] Mea Culpa

It has been brought to my attention that I made a mistake
in producing the PDF files for IEEE Draft 802.3ah/D1.2 and
IEEE Draft 802.3ah/D1.1a.  The page numbering was inconsistent
between the numbers at the bottom of each page, and the PDF
file page numbers.

I have fixed this for D1.2 and posted a new file (see yesterday's
message for the URL and access information).  The page
numbers still don't match at the end of the file for D1.2, because
I carved out a space for Clause 63, which resides in D1.1a
(a separate file).

When submitting comments on D1.1a and D1.2, please take
care to place the page number that you find at the bottom of
each page of the document in the corresponding field of your
comments.  Do not reference the PDF file page numbers.
Your editors will be doing their editing in Framemaker, not
PDF, so the PDF file page numbers don't help them.