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[EFM] PON Optics Telephone Conference, December 5th

Hello Again,

Attacted two possible approaches to this discussion forming two decision
Glen and I worked on these I I did not have a chance to co-ordinate
with him and refine to one slide.  The first slide is mine and I would like
to start
here as it allows us to generate values without having to make decisions.
When the values
are agreed upon, we can work towards the decision and perhaps this is
simpler with the values we have.

If this does not work, we can try the seconf slide, Glen's approach, which
is a more
top-down attack.

Talk to you tomorrow


 <<PON Timing Decision Tree.ppt>> 

Hello All,

Items to Be Covered

1)  Determine the exact meaning of the terms "Fixed Value" and 'Upper Bound"
in terms
    of their use for PMD timing parameters.

2)  Try assign placeholder values for all of the options

3)  Are these values fixed or bounded for the different options.

4)  Other items



PON Timing Decision Tree.ppt