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[EFM] Sorry :-(

Hello All,

Sorry, I had a mistake in the figures I distributed, thanks
to Glen and Ariel for picking this up - overwork

Attached hopefully the correct figures


 <<PMD values II.pdf>> 


Vipul Bhatt
Piers Dawe
Dora Van Deen (Sorry Dora, didn't catch your new name)
Gerry Pasavento
Glen Kramer
Manyalibo Matthews 
Lior Khermosh
Tom Murphy 


After playing with the telephone bridge for 15 min we finally got together.
Sorry about
this, I spoke with Bruce and hopefully next week things will be back to

There was discussion of timing values and we came up with the set of values
contained in the
attached table.  Values for option C are clear.  The two sets of values for
B and C represent the 
opinion of the group in terms of what is definitely doable and what is
possible with some more effort.
NOTE  these values were discussed independent of Efficiency etc, just what
PMD vendor
thinks can be easily achieved based on current design

NOTE:  This slide is just for internal discussion and will not be presented
in Vancouver, although it
may form the basis of a presentation. Calculation performed with Glen's

Next Steps

Tackle the issue of whether parameters are to be negotiable or not and the
associated with these options. Then, can we narrow down to fewer options,
where are
the possible compromise points

Next Meeting

I need to clarify this with Bruce

All the best


 <<PMD values II.pdf>> 

PMD values II.pdf

PMD values II.pdf