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RE: [EFM] PON timing parameters

Attached is the timing parameter table, that is the result of the PMD
conference call this morning.  As you can see, there has been
significant progress, and two Options are currently on the table.  The
OLT parameters are identical.  The remaining decision concerns the ONT
laser on/off time (make large and settable, or make small and fixed).  

Fixed parameters in ONTs (option C) are attractive since it will not
require the OLT to keep a table with on/off times per ONT. Settable
parameters per OLT are almost mandatory (CDR time is different with and
without FEC, protocol delay may not be constant, etc).  As Frank
mentioned, settable parameters means that during initialization the OLT
will broadcast a value that represents a number of idles that ONT should
transmit at the beginning of the burst.  This seems to be a simple and
robust approach.