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[EFM] PON Optics Conference 12th Dec - 08:00 Pacific


A bridge has been set up for tomorrow (19 th Dec) at 
08:00 Pacific for PON optics discussions.

Bridge Info
Date/Time: December 12, 2002, 08:00 AM America/Los Angeles
Meeting Access Phone Numbers:
Local San Jose & International : 408-902-7875
MeetingID: 802324
Meeting Name: btolley
Meeting Password:
Meeting Description: IEEE 802.3ah EFM EPON Optics Call. Every Thursday 8:00
AM Pac Standard Time
To Attend: Please dial the appropriate phone number from your calling area
and follow the phone prompts to join the meeting either as a profiled user
a guest.


1)   Further discussion of timing issues
2)   SD values - see attached values
3)   Further presentations - I am in the process of preparing some slides
presenting Option B
      Frank is working on something for Option C and so that both options
are represented I think
      its important to have some OHs where supporters of Option B can sign
up. People who are interested
      in this presentation please contact me and I will distribute copies
for comment.

Talk to you then



 <<Signal Detect Values.ppt>> 

Signal Detect Values.ppt